Therapeutic Exercises / Core Classes

What Are Therapeutic Exercises?

Therapeutic exercises are body movements that are planned and systematic that help improve your body’s physical function and strengthen and develop physical fitness. There are 3 main types of therapeutic exercises; function, fitness & strength. The goal of these categories is to achieve and maintain physical fitness.

Why Are Therapeutic Exercises Helpful?

If you’re suffering from chronic spinal misalignment, chances are your core isn’t working at 100%. It doesn’t matter if you can sprint a marathon—if you aren’t exercising your core muscle groups, you’re doing your spine a disservice. A solid core—that’s the muscles in your abs, back, thighs and butt —will do wonders to protect your spine. The core muscles provide preventative and curative support.


Benefits & Goals of Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises can greatly improve your overall health. These exercises are an excellent way to maintain physical fitness. Here are the many benefits of regularly participating in therapeutic exercise:

  • May relax tightened muscles
  • May improve joint mobility
  • May improve circulation
  • May improve respiratory function
  • May improve coordination & balance
  • May increase increased flexibility
  • May help you relax
  • May improve muscle strength
  • May improve endurance

Types of Therapeutic Exercises

Here is a sample of the types of therapeutic exercises you will be participating in at Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center.

  • Endurance training
  • Resistance training
  • Flexibility training
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Muscle performance exercises intended to increase muscle strength, endurance, and power
  • Posture exercises to correct and improve posture
  • Balance and coordination exercises
  • Relaxation exercises that are great stress reduces
  • Breathing exercises
  • Improved circulation therapeutic exercises
Therapeutic weights like these are used to therapeutic exercises.

What To Expect at
Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center

At Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center, we offer core muscular strengthening classes in tandem with your spinal treatment. Classes are small, and held 3-4 times per week. There is also individual instruction attuned to your abilities and limitations as a chiropractic patient. Attend a class today and start protecting your spine!