Posture Improvement

What Is Posture Improvement?

Our expert staff has the experience to correct and work on posture improvement. We pinpoint the cause of the problem and aggressively correct the imbalances. We are here to help you improve no matter where you are on the scale.

Ways To Supplement Our Posture Improvement Program at Home

  • Release tension and stiff muscles in the back of your neck by doing controlled neck stretches daily
  • Stretch shoulders and squeeze shoulder blades in a lying down position
  • Exercise daily
  • Go for walks
  • Stand up every 30 minutes minimum to walk around
  • Wear clothing that allows for stretching
Skeletal view of a person's spine for posture improvement.

Posture Improvement & Adjustments

You’re lying on the adjustment table. Your chiropractor palpates (gently feels) your spine for lack of vertebrae movement and sore spots. You receive your adjustment, and seconds later you feel relief and relaxation. It took very little time, and it felt great.  

At JCohen Chiropractic in Midtown NYC, Chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Cohen will restore the healthy curves back into your spine, while minimizing the damage done when they were in an improper position. After your initial exam, Dr. Cohen applies a confident, painless adjustment that begins to move your spinal column into proper alignment. Pain elimination is first priority. The adjustment gently begins to move your bones off your nerves. Then we work to keep the bones aligned for long term relief and correction.

Most patients feel relief after their very first treatment. In time, a course of adjustments works to optimize your posture, which will reduce pressure on your nerves and increase the chance of experiencing pain relief.

Benefits & Goals of Posture Improvement

Working on posture improvement is a constant battle. We give you the expertise to correct your posture over time.

Benefits of Posture Improvement Include:

  • May relax your muscles
  • May improve circulation
  • May improve joint mobility
  • May improve muscle atrophy and weakness
  • May improve breathing
  • May help with digestion
  • May prevent foot, hip, back, knee, and general joint injuries
  • May improve coordination & balance
  • May increase flexibility
  • May help you experience relaxation

Types of Posture Improvement Assessments

Here is a sample of the types of assessments we conduct at Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center.

  • Range of motion exercises
  • Standing Assessments
  • Alignment Exam
  • Flexibility Exams
  • Evaluation of rounded shoulders, uneven shoulders, forward head & head tilt
  • Outside lifestyle factors
Group of people outside working on their posture improvement.
Woman working on her posture improvement through yoga.

What To Expect From
Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center

At Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center, we offer the best treatments for spinal alignment and posture correction. We help you improve you spinal health over time with the help of our expert staff, decades of experience, and top equipment in the industry. You may start to see measurable improvement over time.