Nutrition Supplements

What Are Nutrition Supplements?

Nutritional supplements include fresh herbs, full meal supplements, vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition products, all natural food supplements, and other items that assist your healthy diet. Nutritional supplements help to boost your regular diet and nutritional plan, and are not necessarily pills. They can come in many forms and are meant to aid in your health, not replace good foods and decisions.

Nutrition Supplements Are Great For:

  • Convenience
  • Supplementing Where Your Diet Lacks
  • Making You Feel Great

Why Are Nutritional Supplements Important?

Nutritional supplements are used for a variety of reasons and can be added to your diet today. We have experts on staff to help you find what works for your body. These types of products are considered to be food and they are not regulated as heavily as medical drugs. Vitamins can be present in food, but may reduce during various cooking techniques, processing, or if they are not stored properly.

Two green smoothies with nutritional supplements.

Benefits & Goals of Nutrition Supplements

Adding just 1 nutritional supplement or adding many nutritional supplements to your diet can have great effects on your body.

Benefits of Nutrition Supplements:

  • May boost energy
  • May improved mood
  • May contribute to muscle strength
  • May improve weakness
  • May reduce risk of illness
  • May reduce risk of disease
  • May improve athletic performance
  • May increase mental health & ability

Who Needs Nutritional Supplements?

  • Athletes
  • Women who may become or are pregnant
  • Adults above age 50
  • Vegans or Vegetarians
  • Anyone who eats a limited variety of food
  • People that eat less than 1,600 calories daily
  • Women who experience heavy periods
  • Those with medical conditions affected by nutrition
  • Patients who have had digestive tract surgery
  • Anyone who cannot digest and absorb nutrients properly

What To Expect From
Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center

We look out of your health at Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center. We want you to be the best version of yourself. It’s important to note: nutritional supplements are NOT a replacement for the benefits of whole foods. We come up with a plan that is tailored to what your body needs and your lifestyle. We take into consideration the foods that you like to eat and how to use nutritional supplements correctly.