Mobility Exercises

What Are Mobility Exercises?

Mobility exercises are regular training movements that help your body increase flexibility and function. Completing these exercises on a regular basis may help decrease pain in muscles and joints while providing overall health benefits to your body. Our expert staff will help you during the entire process. Ever have creaky knees or frequent back pain? We can help you with an individual mobility exercise program.

Mobility Exercises Can Help You With:

  • Injuries
  • Pain Points
  • Prevention
  • Improvement of Overall Health
Woman doing a mobility exercises in JCOhen Chiropractic gym.

Why Are Mobility Exercises Helpful?

Many people find these type of exercises to be extremely helpful when solving their health concerns. At JCohen Chiropractic, we have come across all types of different objectives to improve your well-being. These exercises can be helpful if you have a regular routine. Over time, you may start to see major improvements. Often times, the people that have the most pain and least mobility are the ones who need mobility exercises the most.

Benefits & Goals of Mobility Exercise

Mobility exercises are something that everyone can do. Start today to join in and reap these benefits:

  • May prevent future injuries
  • May increase your flexibility
  • May improve coordination and balance
  • May relieve stress
  • May give you peace of mind
  • May experience weight Loss
  • May increase joint mobility

Mobility Exercise Tips:

  • Concentrate on taking deep breaths
  • Don’t ignore signs of pain
  • Hold exercises longer than 30 seconds
  • Incorporate mobility into your daily routine
  • Choose exercises right for your body
  • Push yourself to your limits – not someone else’s

Types of Mobility Exercise Equipment

Here is a sample of the types of assessments we conduct at Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center.

  • Therabands
  • Professional Chiropractor Machinery
  • Traction Chairs
  • Floor Mats
  • Foam Rollers
  • Exercise Balls
  • Free Weights
  • Universal Weight Machine
Medical view of man for mobility exercises.

What To Expect From
Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center

At Hell’s Kitchen Wellness Center, we offer the very best in mobility exercises. We start by getting to know you and your range of motion. Mobility of the spine is still a developing industry. We are experts in exercises and can help take you to the next level. Call us at (646) 657-0032 or book an appointment today!