Functional Nutrition

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a cornerstone of functional medicine. It is an approach to dietetics concerned with restoring proper physiological functioning of the body from the foundation, or cellular level. As such it is a prevention-oriented, therapeutic, comprehensive case-based approach that focuses on identifying and correcting root causes of the symptoms and addressing individual system imbalances.

Our staff works together with the patient in order collaborate an approach that addresses the person as a whole. By doing this, we are able to identify the person's body imbalances and identify what is ailing them instead of treating each of their symptoms separately. 

What are the Basic Tenets of
Functional Nutrition?

The functional nutrition approach to dietetics…

  • gives consideration to the individual’s genetics, environment and lifestyle when formulating nutrition-based solutions
  • recognizes that health and disease exist on a continuum
  • identifies links between core areas of imbalance and root cause(s) of disease
  • serves as a cornerstone of functional medicine and, as such, takes an integrative and collaborative approach to healthcare
Inner view of a human body to aid in functional nutrition.
Collage picture of fruits and vegetables for functional nutrition.

How Does Functional Nutrition Work?

Patients who can benefit from this type of nutrition often exhibit multiple symptoms. While traditional healthcare might address each of these symptoms separately, with this approach the patient often finds that the multiplicity of symptoms represents a pattern that can be traced back to a single root cause.

For example, any single chronic disease such as arthritis, obesity, fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and auto-immune diseases can stem from many underlying imbalances such as inflammation, hormones, digestive and microbial factors and varying levels and types of toxicity, as examples. Functional nutrition seeks to identify these underlying factors at the cellular level and repair or rebuild them with the metabolic and biochemical benefits delivered through proper nutrients.

Hell's Kitchen Wellness Center 

Our staff will work to create a treatment plan that includes functional nutrition as well as any other types of chiropractic care or therapeutic exercises you may want to add. We also have an x-ray machine on premise for our patient's convenience. In addition, our facility has a specialized program that address all areas of overall health and lifestyle wellness. Our staff looks forward to helping you achieve your chiropractic and health goals. Call us or book an appointment today.

Raw salmon, eggs, and beans, displayed for examples of functional nutrition.