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As a child, your spine was lithe, supple, and strong. But time takes a toll—impacting your vertebrae, the delicate nerves that surround them, and by extension, your entire body.

At J. Cohen Chiropractic, professional NYC chiropractor Jonathan Cohen, specializes in stopping disc deterioration. Our chiropractic office is located in the midtown west region of Manhattan and our treatment plan is thorough, and goes beyond adjustments. It also incorporates massage, careful stretching and re-positioning, cryotherapy, and even exercises for a stronger, more capable core.

Be it stress, a heavy backpack, the sports you play, a car accident, looking down while texting or merely the way you slouch at your desk (the number one cause of “forward head syndrome” in New Yorkers), living erodes your body’s structure and design. In time, the spine’s natural curves warp and reverse, resulting in back & neck pain, poor posture, numbness, headaches, illness, diminished flexibility and pinched nerves. We provide NYC chiropractic adjustments that work!

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, call us today—and step into a new kind of body shop.